Protect My Call Partners Up With M14 Industries

Protect My Call have announced a new partnership with M14 Industries.

The new partnership will see the Manchester-based white label app provider offer protected phone call capabilities as a standard feature within its new and existing dating and social apps.

The technology will work like a Facebook friend request – users can send protected call requests to others, which can then be accepted or declined.

If accepted, both parties are sent a SMS containing a unique ‘safe line’, which they can call, text or send picture messages to.

The line comes with added security features, including the introduction of an operator caller ID and calls being prevented from going to voicemail (stopping users accidentally giving away their full name or number).

Founder of Protect My Call Andrew Wittich, said: “When I found myself unexpectedly single in my mid-30’s, I ended up using online dating sites for the first time. While it was clear that companies offered offered great security features while you were using their sites, I realised that we were on our own when we all naturally gravitate outside of the secure environment of the website or app. Sadly these days we hear of far too many examples of stalking and malicious communication after one person decides to end dialogue with someone they meet online.”

He added: “Blocking someone’s number isn’t a true solution, because people can easily find ways around it. Protect My Call doesn’t just protect your call – it protects access to your personal data, and your privacy. Being able to speak to someone on the phone before meeting in person can be really important to daters. This way, app users can call and communicate with each other, safe in the knowledge that they can end communication permanently at the touch of the button.”

The partnership came when Andrew met John Kershaw, the CEO and founder of M14 Industries, at the UK Dating Awards.

Speaking about M14, Andrew said: “M14 Industries has a well-earned reputation for delivering and managing quality niche apps, and John’s recent appointment to the ODA Board is proof of his forward-thinking and sustainable approach. As a result M14 was the perfect fit, and the process of integrating Protect My Call has been seamless.”

John is equally enthusiastic about the partnership: “The feature will provide more functionality and an additional and long term revenue stream for all our Partners, and a better and safer product for the end user. Being able to call and text people who you met on dating apps, without needing to give out your own number is such an obviously great idea!” 

Protect My Call will launch on M14’s flagship app Bristlr next month, before fully going on board after Christmas.

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