QuackQuack Releases Environmental Advice For Users

QuackQuack has released data on how all users can be more environmentally friendly, in celebration of World Earth Day.

As World Earth Day approaches, the talk of climate change, depleting ozone layer and the planet being at the centre of harmful human activities, is right on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

QuackQuack, India’s leading dating app asked its user base what are their plans for World Earth day and here is the response they came up with :

  1. Planting trees : While it is not an immediate respite to climate change, planting trees is an investment for the future of our society, city and earth. In the survey conducted, 30% of male and female users in the age group of 30-40 said that they are looking forward to doing their small part in battling against climate change this year.  Whether it is planting more plants in their house, the society garden or in the city, our netizens are ready to be of help. 
  2. Putting the science learnt in school to good use : It was not long back when we learnt about the energy and water conservation techniques we can employ in our day to day lives. Fortunately, it is never too late to employ them. Human inventions such as rainwater harvesting and solar cookers are some of the cost effective techniques to be ecological at the same time as being easy on the pocket. With the water conserved from rain, you can use it later for plants and solar cookers saves money on gas and electricity! Keeping that in mind, 45% of youngsters in the age bracket of 28-35 look forward to using at least one of these inventions in their household.
  3. Saying ‘no’ to chemicals : Almost everyday we see the news filled with stories of birth defects or some or the other disease due to use of fertilisers and pesticides in crops and the soil damage because of their excessive use. Recently, there are many campaigns too which talk about maintaining the balance of water table, planting trees and not depleting the soil of its nutrients any further. So the QuackQuack user base is not far behind. 48% of people in the age group of 25-35 have pledged to enlighten their family and neighbours on the use of chemicals in our day to day life.  
  4. Recycling : Without fail, you have a pile of plastic bags locked in a corner of your house somewhere. It is time to not let that pile get any bigger. If ever you go outside for shopping, carry your own cloth bag with you. If a shopkeeper offers you a product in a plastic bag, ask for an alternative. 50% of QuackQuack user base in the age group of 20-25 say that they are going to minimise their consumption of plastic by refusing to buy it. In addition to that, they are going to reuse the plastic already at home by coming up with DIY activities of decorating the house. 
  5. Letting the car rest : Although it is easy to fall into the habit of grabbing your car keys to go anywhere, we are not only harming our health, but also the environment with this habit. Sitting in one place and position for a long duration is not only bad for your digestive system, back and also overall health but driving to short distances is also not good for the environment. Develop the habit of walking and if not, then cycling.  Both these activities will not only keep you fit but also contribute so much to the environment with the reduced CO2 emissions. 
  6. Adopting more vegetarian options : Given the Indian diet and cuisine, the options of vegetarian food are endless. You would be happy to know that while eating vegetarian food, you are also saving the planet! The consumption of meat is not very healthy and imagine all the diseases it brings with it! So 10% of male and female users in the age group of 25-40 from tier-2 cities have decided to dump their meat eating habits from this World Earth Day forward.