QuackQuack Releases Survey on Dating App Safety

A survey by Indian dating app QuackQuack found that 67% of female users prefer online dating over traditional alternatives due to safety and security measures. It explores which dating app features make users feel more safe.

In a survey of 15,000 users, QuackQuack shares that 41% say that virtual first dates help address concerns over a new match. It gives singles the opportunity to assess the other person’s behaviour and identify suspicious or aggressive red flags. 

As well as video calls, profile images are another factor when making singles feel comfortable. The survey found that female users often prefer profiles that display a clear and smiling face. Additionally, they like photos where men are pictured with friends and family, as it means they have people “they’ll be answerable to” if something happens.

43% of respondents however raised concerns about reverse image searching. To avoid users finding their social media accounts through a reverse image tool, respondents highlighted that users should use different photos for social media and dating apps.

Another potential safety issue that respondents highlighted is meeting in person. 48% of daters highlighted that users should be sharing their date itineraries with friends. Furthermore dates should be in public places, and organised after a virtual date.

The survey also found that 39% of male users avoid matches that bring up topics relating to finance. QuackQuack recommends that users avoid people that bring up finance and request for monetary aid. 

37% of users, 30 years old or over, who found their match on QuackQuack report that conversations were had on the app in the early stages. This means users didn’t share their phone numbers with strangers, and that inappropriate behaviour can be reported.

 “Safety has always been one of the prime concerns when we think of dating, regardless of its mode”, said Ravi Mittal, QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO.

“As a dating app catering to 20 million users, we evolve and upgrade our security measures with time and the rise of new trends in the virtual world of dating. For instance, QuackQuack moderators use parameters such as User Information, IP City, IP Country, OS Information, and more to track and suspend fake profiles”, he added. 

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