Read This Report All About Subscription-Based Revenue Models

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Business Insider Intelligence has released a report about subscription-based revenue models.

The new study looks at how apps and sites across various categories are increasingly monetising through subscriptions.

The five industries covered in the report are: video, music, news publishing, social networks/messaging, and online dating.

The report looks at why the subscription revenue model has risen in prominence over the past few years, as companies exploit the opportunity to boost ARPU with recurring payments.

It analyses the most common subscription-based digital media revenue models and explores why some subscription or freemium business models succeed.

Business Insider also looks at the revenue mix and business opportunity in several key digital media industries, along with outlining the companies that have succeeded with such models.

As they say, success in freemium models often boils down to offering core audience exclusive value that can only be accessed beyond a paywall.

Looking specifically at The Match Group, they estimate that 5% of users are paying subscribers, compared to 25% with Spotify and 2% with LinkedIn.

You can download the report here.