Recent Reddit Post Asks People To Share Their Brutally Honest Dating Profiles With Hilarious Results

Reddit thread
A recent Reddit post asks users to share their brutally honest dating profiles and the results are somewhat hilarious.

When it comes to online dating, many users will stretch the truth in the hopes of making themselves seem more appealing to other singles.

However, a recent Reddit post asked for people to share what their profiles might look like if they were to be completely honest.

Posted by squarna, the question reads: “What would your completely honest dating profile say?”

And in just 12 hours, almost 6,000 people had responded, revealing the honest truth about themselves and their personalities.

And the replies are well worth a look, with people coming up with statements such as: “Are you ready for an adventure? You should probably look elsewhere,” and, “I’m a fantastic dresser, so you’re bound to be disappointed when I take off my clothes.”

And one respondent even said: “I’m like a 5/10, but sometimes I’ll put on makeup and become a 6, maybe 6.5/10. Also, your mother will LOVE me!”

Some also went down the short but simple route, with one user going by the name of Jabba_the_cat commenting: “Please date me.”

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