Renovationships: DIY Meets ILY

A new TikTok dating trend shows it’s hot to be handy – with singles taking up DIY projects to improve their homes and love lives. Match dives deep into this new trend, dubbing it ‘Renovationship’.

Match identified a recent TikTok trend where singles hang out at home improvement stores looking for a compatible partner. 

Calling this trend Renovationship, the dating platform explained it as “singles that use every tool in their toolbox – both figuratively (prioritizing self care + mental health) and literally (for that next home improvement project) to find a more meaningful relationship”.

Match partnered with DIY expert Sara Bendrick to offer advice and ideas for individuals looking to get involved with this new trend.

She suggested singles can show off their handiwork skills with new profile photos that display their DIY interests. Additionally, dates could take the form of casual DIT (Do-It-Together) activities such as hanging lights, painting walls, or installing shelves.

Sara’s tips for these tasks are to choose something realistic, be patient with the other person, pay attention to your feelings during the activity and how they make you feel.