‘Reverse Catfishing’: The Latest Dating Trend

In the world of online dating, it’s common to worry whether a match’s real life appearance is different to their profile pictures. But a recent trend could solve this issue, as online dating users are ‘reverse catfishing’ to reveal their true self.

We’ve come to accept ‘perfect’ pictures on social media where people are trying to look their best says Dr Caroline West, sex and relationship expert at Bumble. However users are now sharing more normal moments of their life, to better display their personality to potential matches.

By posting ‘authentic’ photos, this should in turn help to encourage authentic connections on dating platforms, reports Stylist. This is especially the case as the majority of dating apps are focused on users’ appearance, says Vanessa Cochrane, a relationship therapist.

Analysis from Bumble found that 51% of single people believe photos that reveal a skill or interesting activity would prompt them to start a conversation. Whereas the least popular photos include gym selfies and pouty expressions.

“This showed us that people are beginning to overlook the idea of perfection on dating profiles, instead wanting to form bonds based on less superficial factors,” says Dr West.

“Authentic connections are born from similar morals, ideals, and interests, and showcasing these on your profile will help you find someone who aligns with your lifestyle”, she explained. 

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