Seeking Arrangement Now Has 25,000 UK Students Signed Up

Seeking Arrangement The sugar daddy dating site, Seeking Arrangement has reported it now has almost a quarter of a million UK students registered to its service.

The site claims that over the past year, it has recorded a 40% growth in young women signing up.

And according to the company, the majority of these new users attend the University of Portsmouth and the University of Kent.

In this case, the term “students” covers both full-time and part-time students, and trainees.

The figures, which are based on email address sign-ups, do not however portray how many of these are people with multiple accounts, or how many of the users are actively going on dates.

Seeking Arrangement was created by MIT graduate Brandon Wade, who also owns Carrot Dating and WhatsYourPrice.

It works by putting young women in touch with successful, wealthy men to help them “experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis”.

The site told the BBC that the cost of student loans, accommodation and the high cost of living for UK students is driving students to look for new ways to make extra cash.

It has also claimed that over half (56%) of their university sign-ups are from middle and upper-middle class backgrounds.

With this new information, the site has published a list of the number of new female sign-ups by university.

Check out the full list below:

1. University of Portsmouth – 216

2. University of Kent – 212

3. University of South Wales – 208

4. University of Cambridge – 207

5. University of Nottingham – 195

6. University of Arts London – 186

7. University of Central Lancashire – 173

8. University of Manchester – 172

9. University of Bristol – 171

10. University of St. Andrews – 165