Sending Second Message To Matches Who Don’t Reply Can Actually Improve Your Chances Of A Reply

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Despite the instinct that the opposite should be true, sending a second message on a dating app after the first was ignored can actually improve your chances of a reply.

This is according to new data from Hinge, who looked at over 300,000 conversations between users in the US over two weeks in May.

In the conversations it analysed, Hinge found that, on average, the second message was sent around four hours after the first.

The data analysis found that if someone sent this second message, the recipient was more likely to reply than if only one had been sent.

In fact, according to Hinge, even if singles waited a week before double texting, the second message would result in a response in more than one in three cases, up from one in 500 where the second message wasn’t sent.

Hinge Double Texting

Despite this, four hours was still the optimal time to message again because it gives enough time for the recipient to finish what had delayed their response, according to Molly Fedick, the editor-in-chief of Hinge’s IRL.

IRL is a new online magazine from New York dating brand Hinge that launched in April.

The website publishes advice, reports and insights into the modern world of dating, with Hinge’s contributors answering queries sent in by singles.

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