Shine Poses Huge Threat To Apps And Advertisers In New Partnership With Econet Wireless

Ad Blocker
Ad blocker service Shine poses a huge threat to apps and advertisers following its latest partnership with Econet Wireless.

This partnership will see the network’s 40m subscribers automatically signed up to Shine’s aggressive ad blocking system.

And this is the third partnership that Shine has entered into, having previously arranged deals with Digicel, who also offer default access to Shine, and Three Group, who is still in a trial phase.

Shine works by installing its systems onto a given cell carrier’s data centres, using algorithms and inspection processes to eliminate ads prior to them showing up on the device.

Shine explains: “At Shine, our mission is to protect consumers from AdTech.

“Our products give consumers the choice to protect themselves from the abusive behaviour of AdTech, including: Tracking, Targeting, Personal Information Usage & Cellular Data Theft.

“With Shine, consumers can feel secure to enjoy a safer, cleaner, faster, less abusive mobile Browser & App experience.”

Although this may be positive news for mobile users, it could put a huge strain on apps and ad companies who will ultimately find it more difficult to get their content seen.

The ad blocking system is automatically installed on certain mobile devices, requiring users to decide themselves if they wish to see unblocked ads.

And this could cause huge problems for those who rely on mobile advertising to promote, such as apps looking to increase install rates, as Shine will have control on what web traffic mobile users will see.

And other services such as Facebook have also recently announced algorithm changes, which could see advertising content pushed further down news feeds, again making it more difficult for advertisers to promote effectively.

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