Online Hackers Could Be Using Tor Networks In Luring Attacks

Online Hackers
Recent research by Imperva has revealed that an increasing number of online hackers could be using Tor Networks in luring attacks.

Hackers are said to be using Tor Networks as a way to remain anonymous online and increase their chances of luring online daters off of victim sites and onto their’s.

And according to Imperva: “This luring campaign is an example of a sophisticated business logic attack which is devastating for the victim’s site.

“The attackers mask their real location and their identities with the use of Tor and use different methods to sneak under the security mechanisms designed to detect and block these attacks.”

Imperva found that attackers were sending messages to multiple online daters across different dating platforms, asking them to leave the original site and transfer to one owned by the attacker.

And it is suspected that the alternative dating sites that users are lured to are likely owned by the same hacker.

Imperva has said: “Luring attacks from the Tor network are characterised by messages arriving from Tor clients at a relatively low (but steady) request rate of 1-3 requests every day, probably to sneak under the radar of rate-limit mechanisms to avoid automatic browser detection checks.

“Despite the very low rate of the requests we have seen, it is likely that the actual total number of requests was much higher, with only a few requests exposed in our glimpse of the Tor user traffic.”

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Emma Woodley

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