Tinder Hands Out Its Very Own Gold Medals In Rio

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Tinder is handing out its very own gold medals to the sports and athletes that are getting the most right swipes in Rio.

The dating app has recently seen a surge in usage, with figures skyrocketing to 129% in the Olympic village area.

And now the app is awarding its very own gold medals to the sports and related athletes that receive the most right swipes at the games.

The data was taken between August 5th and August 14th and looked at user profiles in Rio that mentioned sports, jobs or having an athletic profession.

And surprisingly, the sports that secure prime-time coverage at the games, such as swimming, weren’t receiving as many right swipes as might be expected.

Instead, men’s tennis took gold for the most right swiped sport for men, with weightlifting, gymnastics, sport shooting, judo and boxing coming in just behind.

And for women, table tennis was at number one, followed by field hockey, rowing, weightlifting, rugby and swimming.

There has also been growing interest in who might be swiping at the Olympics, with Instagram user Sportsswipe taking screen-shots of athlete’s profiles and posting them on the photo sharing platform.

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