Skapa Launches Social Networking App Leka

Skapa, the company behind Fika, one of Vietnam’s most popular dating apps, has launched a new social networking app. The new platform, Leka, looks to become the ultimate social app for Gen Z.

Denise Sandquist, CEO and Co-Founder of Skapa, celebrated the launch of Leka in a recent LinkedIn post. Sandquist was recently included in Global Dating Insights’ 2023 Power Book, in recognition of her work with the Fika dating platform.

In her post, she writes “Leka is following our mission of using state-of-the-art AI to bring authenticity, community, and belonging to the world’s younger generation, with the vision as always: to help people create and maintain meaningful relationships by revolutionizing the way we connect”.

Leka’s unique proposition is the ‘squads’ feature, which allows users to congregate in communities based around an interest or goal.

Each squad has a squad leader, who has the responsibility of creating Daily Missions, which members must complete within 24 hours. This could include objectives like completing a skincare routine, with users sharing their progress using the unfiltered in-app camera.

The app explains that the “focus is on having fun and expressing yourself authentically, without the pressure to create high-quality content”.

Sandquist explains in her post that “one of the many problems with ‘Social Media 1.0’ is that they connect us, but do not make us feel that we belong, nor finding new friends and connections based on who we are”.

“With Leka, we are even closer to solving the $1B problem that ‘Social Media 2.0’ is now up for – helping us create deeper and more meaningful relationships, making the world a less lonely place by helping people, and especially the younger generation, to find a place where they feel that we actually belong”.