Snapchat May Give Users Control Over Third Party Apps’ Data Access


Snapchat is reportedly testing a feature that would allow users to control which information third party apps have access to.

The ‘Connected Apps’ setting, currently in beta, shows users the message: “These apps are connected to your Snapchat account. Choose an app to control what it has access to.”

The move comes amid the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, which has put increased pressure on social apps to disclose the information they hold about users.

It also comes ahead of the implementation of strict GDPR legislation in the European Union, which will force companies to be more transparent.

It could encourage companies to make Snapchat-specific plugins. At present, Snap has only partnered with Bitmoji and Shazam in this regard.

Snapchat stock recently suffered declines after Kylie Jenner and Rihanna made negative comments about the platform on social media.

Its recent redesign also received a mixed reception. One user began a petition to have it undone.

There is speculation that Apple will move to buy the app, as both share an interest in augmented reality technology.

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Scott Harvey

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