Spritzr Now Lets Users Earn Cash By Successfully Matching Up Singles


Aspiring matchmakers can earn money on a dating app called Spritzr by successfully matching other singles together.

Launched in 2015, Spritzr originally set out to let singles’ friends take the role of matchmaker and suggest potential dates for them.

The app recently revamped to let matchmakers make money from successful date suggestions – whether for friends or random singles using the app.

When we previously spoke to Spritzr CEO Manshu Agarwal about the idea behind the app, he said: “Making intros is so awkward and rife with pitfalls. That’s why many people shy away from matchmaking.

“I thought, if I could find a way to make matchmaking simple, low pressure, and engaging, then I’d be able to get many more people to matchmake and singles would have this great source of quality dates.”

Here’s how Spritzr works: users sign up through their Facebook and are asked to choose their role – either “dater and matchmaker” or “matchmaker only”.

The app will take photos and some basic information from the user’s Facebook account and if they choose to be a dater, Spritzr will ask them to complete a number of questions about their interests, beliefs, education etc.

Their answers will help matchmakers learn more about them and hopefully offer stronger date suggestions as a result.

Matchmakers can then get to work by offering up possible matches to their Facebook friends or random Spritzr users, but can only match up to 10 couples per day.


The matchmaker is shown one user at a time and has to swipe through a list of other users (displayed underneath the person’s profile), before dropping and dragging whoever they think would make the best match.

Matchmakers can make 10 suggestions per day and if two singles match based on their recommendation, they will be given $10 in “Cupid Cash”.

Each user starts with $20 worth of Cupid Cash, and daters have to use the currency to make matches and talk to other users, replenishing the currency by playing matchmaker for other singles or by purchasing it outright.

Once a user makes $100, they can transfer the virtual currency into real cash.

Agarwal said: “Typically, online daters pay a monthly subscription or purchase credits for additional ‘likes’, with no guarantee they’ll make a match.

“On Spritzr, singles will only pay for successful matches. Furthermore, by playing matchmaker for others, singles could end up with more money than they started with.

“And by motivating matchmakers to make thoughtful pair-ups, singles get a stream of quality prospects to choose from. It’s win-win!”

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