Tawkify Acquire Dating App S’More

Matchmaking service Tawkify, which has over 1 million singles in its network, has acquired dating app S’More. The collaboration will help Tawkify to expand its digital services and create new products for singles to take advantage of.

The move means the S’More app will cease to operate in its original form, as it helps to gear up towards Tawkify’s first ever mobile offering. TechCrunch reports that this new platform will launch in mid-2023.

This new app will include matchmaking services, relationship wellness services, as well as exclusive content from coaches, experts, and celebrities. The platform will launch in conjunction with a new content studio which will create these insights for singles.

“The mobile app will allow us to expand the concept of matchmaking to a larger audience and demystify it for many Americans. The current mental mindset of matchmaking in America is based on a limited set of references, mostly fun TV shows, but through the app, millions of people will be able to experience what matchmaking is all about and get a chance to try it” shared Adam Cohen-Aslatei, founder of S’More and newly appointed Managing Director at Tawkify.

Tawkify and S’More share a common philosophy, with both dating services adopting ‘blind’ matchmaking techniques, including S’More’s iconic blurred video chat feature.

“We actually do blind matchmaking, so we don’t show photos, which is pretty uncommon in the industry — but that’s worked for us. We appreciate that [S’More] has the same non-superficial aspect to dating”, Kellie Ammerman, CEO of Tawkify, told TechCrunch.