WooPlus Integrates ChatGPT For User Conversations

WooPlus, a plus-size dating app, has adopted ChatGPT technology to help users converse with one another. The platform reports a 200% increase in match interactions after users were given the ability to have AI write messages for them.

With a single tap, WooPlus users can have ChatGPT reply to messages from their matches. The dating app shared that this feature will help users who struggle with communication, helping them to connect with others more conveniently.

However, it acknowledges that the feature is controversial, and that some users feel deceived when finding out messages they received could have been written by an AI programme rather than their match.

One user appreciated the new feature, saying they struggled with thinking up funny lines to say, and the AI can help them. Another user said the feature was “really weird and creepy”.

WooPlus states that they are aware of concerns over the use of AI, and are committed to making sure it is used ethically. They are monitoring the new feature and gathering feedback, willing to make improvements where necessary.

“At WooPlus, we are always exploring new and innovative ways to enhance the user experience and bring people together,” says Neil Raman, CEO of WooPlus.

“The integration of ChatGPT is a major step forward in achieving this goal. We understand the concerns and queries surrounding AI and its use in dating, but we believe that with proper usage and guidelines in place, ChatGPT has the potential to bring the best out of our users while letting them be themselves”, Raman continued.

“We don’t want our users to pretend to be someone else when they are making connections. Our top priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our users, and we will listen to our users’ real thoughts and make any necessary improvements, then to be sure if we’d like to make it our official feature”, he added.

WooPlus is a dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating without experiencing body shaming. It has over 7 million users globally.

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