The League CEO Talks Selective Dating on The Verge Podcast

The League Founder and CEO Amanda Bradford has been featured on The Verge’s Why’d You Push That Button Podcast.

She was asked on to the show to provide an overview of The League, and to offer insight as to why people would want to join and how she helps singles find their perfect match. The episode discussed the apparent popularity of exclusive online dating platforms.

Bradford started by saying she doesn’t consider The League to be an exclusive platform, just on which carefully selects people who are serious about dating and have spent some time filling out their profile.

Approximately 20-30% of sign ups are accepted first time, depending on the city.

Unsuccessful applicants aren’t completely rejected but get kept on the waiting list and offered advice on how to update their profiles to increase their chances of being accepted.

The CEO said: “What we do is we really try to help people get their profiles ready – and we’ll actually coach them.

“We have a whole team of concierges that will say, ‘Hey, have you thought about getting higher resolution photos,’ which is a huge deal.”

The League allows users to filter which profiles they predominantly see based on a number of categories – such as height or religion. Bumble has also recently introduced a premium filtering feature.

Users can filter by ethnicity, something that Grindr has previously faced severe backlash for.

However, Bradford assures the hosts that The League members tend to be very open-minded, and she believes online dating is helping to facilitate interracial relationships.

She concluded by saying The League is so popular because people are overwhelmed by choice when it comes to dating.

I think that people want help making decisions. If we’re saying, ‘Hey, we stand behind this person. They have a good application.’ – you feel a lot safer, and also like you know the person a lot more.

“You’re more likely to actually go exchange numbers and meet up because it feels like it’s a smaller close-knit community.”

Listen to the full show here.