These Are Google, Amazon & Facebook’s Secrets To Hiring The Best People

App Annie report

Hiring people is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, especially in tech where companies are competing for the best talent.

Unfortunately most “how to” guides on hiring top candidates usually contain either the blindingly obvious, or offer up some insufferable “100 duck sized horses” questions to ask. 

However a recent article bucks this trend, giving some interesting tips used by Google, Amazon and Facebook to hire the best employees, focused more on the structure of interviews.

As the Cooper Review article says: “their finely tuned hiring process goes way beyond rudimentary queries on algorithms and quantum physics.”

The clever tips include starting interviews at unexpected times to see what someone’s answers are when slightly unprepared, making sure something goes wrong during the interview, and getting facts about their employment history purposefully wrong, to see how they react.

Check out the full list here.