‘Tinder Feed’ Feature in Testing


Tinder is testing a new feature that will provide users with a ‘Feed’ of their matches’ updates on Spotify, Instagram and more.

The Tinder Feed, which will be accessible from the messages tab, is designed to help users find out more about the people they’ve matched with.

It can also function as a conversation starter – users will be able to double tap posts in the feed and open the chat window with their matches.

GDI spoke to Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard about the kind of content that will populate the feed. Norgard explained:

“Today, Feed only shows connected social account posts and changes to profile photos… that may change over time depending on how users interact with the experience.

“It’s exciting new territory that will hopefully make starting a conversation on Tinder much easier and more natural.”

The Tinder Feed, therefore, will only initially show information already accessible on users profiles. Users are currently able to share select photos from their Instagram, as well as ‘Top Artists’ from their Spotify on their profile.

They can also select an ‘Anthem’ from Spotify, which appears directly beneath the personal description on profiles.

Tinder’s Snapchat-esque ‘Moments’ feature, also designed to act as an icebreaker between more introverted users, was discontinued in 2015.

Techcrunch.com coverage notes that the move may result in users spending less time actively engaging with one another on the app, preferring instead to browse the feed for interesting updates.

Users may now also have to put extra consideration into what they share from Instagram and Spotify on Tinder, as changes to their profile will be far more prominent on Tinder Feed.

The Tinder Feed can be curated via the profile tab or via the app’s settings. It is being tested in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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