Tinder Launches New Feature Tinder Social In Six New Markets

Tinder social

After months of testing, Tinder has launched its new social feature Tinder Social around the world.

The Hollywood company first announced the feature at the end of April, saying it was testing the new product with users in Australia.

And now almost two months later, Tinder Social is being released in six new markets.

Tinder Social essentially connects together group of friends for nights out.

As Tinder explains: “Often your best nights are when you’re hanging with friends, someone makes an unexpected connection with someone in another crew, and your two crews have an amazing time together.

“Maybe you spark a romantic connection. Maybe you make new friends. Either way, a good night out with your friends becomes something better. That’s why we’re launching Tinder Social, a new platform that helps you plan your night out.”

To use the feature, you have to first unlock it – which you are prompted to do if you’ve downloaded the latest Tinder update.

You can also toggle Tinder Social on and off in the app’s Settings, by clicking “Show me on Tinder Social”.

If you’ve unlocked the feature, you are first asked whether you are “Going out tonight?”, then who you are going out with, being shown a list of your friends who use the dating app and have also unlocked the feature.

tinder socialYou have to choose at least one friend to create a group, and once you’ve done this you can set a status, detailing what your plans for that night are.

You then go into the matching stage, where “everyone in your group gets a say” in who you connect with.

The way it works is if someone from two separate groups swipes right, the two groups are matched together and everyone is entered into a group chat.

As Tinder explains in a blog post: “Message your matches, see where they’re going, make a plan or just find out where people are headed, meet up and have fun.

“Twilight concert in the park? Find out who will be there before you go. Pub crawl tonight? The more the merrier. Just going out for cocktails? Find out who’s going where and then easily connect once you get there.”

Tinder said it altered the product slightly after testing it in Australia, in an effort to make it more of a “real-time experience”, by adding the status aspect and making it all about that night.

To ensure the feature is used as a spontaneous feature for “tonight”, after noon the next day, the group expires and your matches disappear.

And starting today, the social product is available for users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

For Tinder users in those markets, when you open the app after downloading Tinder’s latest update, you are greeted by a screen that asks you to Unlock Tinder Social.

The night out angle is definitely the right path to take for a feature like this, and if Tinder is going to make a social product a success, it’s more likely to be by focusing on connecting groups of friends over plans for that particular night.

And if the company is rolling the feature out in six new markets, it suggests that the product was a success when it was tested in Australia, so it’ll be interesting to see if Tinder Social catches on with users elsewhere over the coming months.

The dating brand also said the feature was their “first step” in building a number of tools to “ignite your social life”.

Speaking about the company’s plans, Tinder CEO & co-founder Sean Rad said: “Tinder Social definitely allows you to make connections beyond just romantic ones. We look at Tinder as not just being a dating app, but capturing your entire social life. And your social life has so many different aspects to it.

“The beauty of putting this in the same app is that we have scale – we have tens of millions of users all over the world. So, overnight you can get the power of Tinder and connect with others going out tonight in a way that was never possible.”

To check out the feature, download Tinder on iOS and Android.