Tinder Releases Insights On The Optimal User Profile

A new study from Tinder explores how the user profile has a significant impact on finding matches. For example, 45% of singles between 18 and 24 say that they prefer someone who states what they’re looking for in their bio.

The ‘Dos’ of creating a profile are clear, the study outlines. Over half of young singles are more likely to consider someone else’s profile when that person shares some insight into their personality. 

When creating a profile, a bio between 15-45 words is the optimal amount, the study shared. It also revealed that dressing up is important in user photos, with over 40% of young singles more likely to meet someone with a good dress sense.

However, there are also some clear ‘Don’ts’ when creating a profile. 30% of young single people say that grammar and spelling mistakes in a bio is a red flag. Additionally, 35% say that a bio shouldn’t look like a shopping list.

When it comes to photos, users should avoid photos with exes and photos that have been retouched, the study shared. 

You can find Tinder’s insights on user profiles here.