Boo’s Authentic Connections See Success in Asia

Dating app Boo is looking to create more authentic connections with personality-focused features, similar to that of social networking apps. Its strategy is paying off, with the platform seeing popularity in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

Boo is a personality-focused platform, giving users the ability to join different ‘Universes’, individual communities focused on different interests and passions.

The platform shared that it looks to blend social feeds with dating, “allowing users to date and make friends in an environment that’s already second nature to them”.

This is seeing success in Asia, with recent studies showing Boo can compete with giants Tinder and Bumble. For instance, reports that in July, Boo was ranked 2nd and 3rd in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia among dating apps.

Boo is looking to change the culture of dating and shift away from superficial swipes. “Most dating platforms have trapped users in a cycle of visual judgments, sidelining the rich tapestry of personalities that define us” observes Boo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Derek Lee.

Looking ahead, the platform shared that “as platforms transition from superficial swipes to personality-centric narratives, Boo leads the charge with its unparalleled fusion of social media familiarity and profound connection”.

You can find out more by visiting Boo’s website here.

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