Tinder Stops Banning Users For Promoting Black Lives Matter Donations

Tinder has promised to stop banning people from using their dating accounts to raise money for Black Lives Matter organisations.

Several users had come up with creative ways to ensure their matches were also supporting the movement. This included sending numerous links in conversations, only beginning a conversation if the other person could prove they had donated, and exchanging nude photos for a contribution.

However, the dating app had started to ban some of these accounts because the community guidelines state they can’t be used for promotional purposes.

Some of the blocked users complained last week when Tinder made a social media statement saying that it was donating money and encouraging followers to do the same.

Following an enquiry by BuzzFeed News, a Tinder spokesperson explained: “From time to time, our members use Tinder to engage with topics they care about. And while our community guidelines state that we may remove accounts used for promotional purposes, we are dedicated to enforcing our guidelines in line with our values.

“We have voiced our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and want our platform to be a place where our members can do the same.”

The company is now working to review these banned accounts and will begin to reinstate the ones that are dedicated to fundraising.

It is also warning that people shouldn’t suggest in their bios that they will send nudes to their matches for donating. Their accounts won’t be banned, but their bios will be deleted.

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Dominic Whitlock

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