Tinder Super Likeable Feature to Introduce Artificial Intelligence

Tinder Super Likeable

Tinder has introduced a new AI-powered tool to help users match with people that the app thinks will be “of special interest”.

The Tinder ‘Super Likeable’ feature will present users with four select profiles, and they will be prompted to pick one from the selection to Super Like (or they can skip the pop-up).

Super Likes were first introduced in 2015 to allow users to express their interest in another profile explicitly. Users get one Super Like per day, and they do not accumulate over time if left unused.

Tinder has not released details of how the AI will decide which profiles come up in the grid, nor has it said whether users will retain their daily Super Like for general use.

The Tinder Super Likeable interface will appear as a surprise as users swipe on the app, and it cannot be accessed any other way – “You can’t search for it. You can’t find it” states the press release.

Using the Tinder Super Likeable screen may improve the chances of a match – Super Likes already make matching 3x more likely, and channeling them through this new, AI-integrated feature could help to increase their use.

The feature is currently being tested in New York and Los Angeles. Users in these markets are encouraged to “Try it out to see if we know you better than you know yourself”.

The company hopes that the addition of the Tinder Super Likeable screen will “delight and surprise” users  with its “simple and fun new format”.

The addition comes after a successful 2017 for Tinder – new Gold subscriptions have driven high revenues at the dating platform.

Research suggests users appreciate the external approval of an AI on dating platforms, and that the best platforms may blend AI with users’ independent choices.

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