Tinder Will Show You Who Has Liked Your Profile With New Tinder Gold Subscription Service

Tinder is about to let users pay to see who likes them on the dating app.

The feature will become available with a new subscription offering from the dating service called Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold is a level above its current monthly subscription service Tinder Plus, which offers access to the Passport and Rewind features, one free Boost every month, unlimited likes, and additional Super Likes.

Tinder’s new “first class” subscription service Tinder Gold will give you all those things, as well as its new Likes You feature – which shows you who has liked you on the dating app.

For those with access to the feature, when they enter the matches section of the app, there will be a new gold bubble in the New Matches area.

This will say, for example “33 Likes”, and when clicked, a new section opens up showing a Pinterest-style grid of all the users who have liked you on Tinder since you last opened the app.

On this screen, you can swipe left or right on these profiles, and click to find out more, knowing that anyone you swipe right on will immediately become a match.

The second upside of the feature is this – when you are swiping through the normal Tinder feed, any user that appears who has already liked you will have a small gold heart icon pinned to their profile, and a “Likes You” tag beneath their name.

Tinder Gold

In a blog post, Tinder said: “Think of it as your personal Swipe Right concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure.”

But how much will it cost? Currently this is not clear, Tinder saying it will be trialling various prices in its test markets before settling on a price, or perhaps a range of prices, depending on factors like market and age, as it did with Tinder Plus.

(In the UK at the moment, Tinder Plus costs £4.99 for one month, £15 for six months (£2.50/month), and £23 for 12 months (£1.92/month.)

One thing is known – it will cost more than Tinder Plus, meaning current subscribers will have to pay a little more to upgrade to Tinder Gold, whereas free users will obviously have to pay the full price of Tinder Gold.

The new feature feels like it has the potential to be a game-changing addition to Tinder’s premium offering.

Firstly, those already willing to fork out for Tinder Plus and its current set of features, will most likely be willing to pay a little more to get this new headline feature.

Secondly, it will probably tip the balance for a lot of users previously unwilling to pay for Tinder Plus, or those on the fence, because they thought the features just weren’t quite worth the money.

This is not only because it’s a feature users will crave, but it is also a tool that cuts down the amount of time you have to spend on the app.

For people with busy lives, or for those maybe a little weary of swiping through dating profiles, this feature could be extremely attractive.

Tinder Gold is currently being rolled out in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico over the coming days, ahead of a planned expansion to other markets.

Simon Edmunds

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