Tinder’s Head Of Comms Rosette Pambakian Talks About Offering Tinder Couple A Trip To Hawaii


Earlier this month, Tinder offered to send two people who matched on the dating app to Hawaii for their first date.

The couple, Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, originally matched on the dating app in 2014 and spent three years messaging back and forth in an amusing exchange, both making excuses for their lack of reply.

After spotting the viral tweet, Tinder then weighed in, offering the couple a trip to any city in the world for their first date.

And the company’s head of marketing and communications Rosette Pambakian recently gave the inside story of the company’s response to the tweet and the press interest it generated to PR Week.

Pambakian said: “We’ve been getting media requests from around the world with requests to interview us and the couple and hear more about this. It hasn’t been a difficult story to peddle at all.

“This is a great example of not realizing how moving your experience can be to people around the world until you share it.

“We want people to share their unique, fun Tinder experiences with us. I love these positive stories to be highlighted and give people on Tinder hope that great things can happen.”

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