Tinder’s ‘More Genders’ Feature has Generated 25 Million Swipes

Tinder’s recently introduced ‘More Genders’ feature has resulted in 25 million swipes.

The feature allows users to identify as any one of over 50 genders, including intersex and gender non-binary.

It has been introduced in countries including Australia, U.S., UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain.

Tinder worked with organisations such as Transgender Europe and Inter-LGBT on the rollout of More Genders.

Last month, The GDI Editorial ‘Four Lessons from the LGBTQ Niche’ explored insights from gay, lesbian and queer dating.

Diversity Politics and Dating is an Earthquake Waiting to Happen’ discusses how the LGBTQ activist community may impact dating apps in the future.

Top 15 Cities Using More Genders.

    1. London
    1. New York
    1. Chicago
    1. Montreal
    1. Berlin
    1. Madrid
    1. Los Angeles
    1. Paris
    1. Sydney
    1. San Francisco
    1. Barcelona
    1. Austin
    1. Toronto
    1. Portland
  1. Philadelphia

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Scott Harvey

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