TrulyMadly Launches Plasma Matchmaking Service

Indian dating app TrulyMadly has launched a plasma matchmaking platform to help fight against the country’s severe COVID-19 outbreak

The service is designed to match positive patients with plasma donors on the basis of their blood group, diagnosis date, and location.

Patients who require plasma can register to be a ‘matcher’, and fill out a form to be included, whilst plasma doners, who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years old, can sign up to get listed on the platform.

India is currently in the midst of the worst outbreak globally, registering over 200,000 deaths, and experts fear the actually number could be far higher. This second wave has pushed India to breaking point, putting the country’s health services under immense pressure, with donations of oxygen, hospital beds, and COVID-19 vaccines being shipped in from across the globe to aid the outbreak.

Snehil Khanor, CEO and co-founder of TrulyMadly, told Your Story: “The second wave of the pandemic has severely affected the country and despite the information being available, it is largely unverified or dated in nature and only adding to the information overload.

“We decided to use the underlying technology of our matchmaking engine for couples to also help COVID-19 patients meet the right plasma donor.”

The donation matchmaker is part of TrulyMadly’s Corona Cluster initiative, helping people to learn important pandemic-related information, in real-time, using verified, crowd sourced data.

Earlier this month, TrulyMadly raised a further $2.1 million in its latest pre-Series A funding round. The money will be used to help the brand expand into different markets and improve its artificial intelligence algorithms.

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