Twitter Adds Facebook-Style Inbox Section For Direct Messages From New Contacts

People will now be able to review direct messages sent by people they are not connected with on Twitter.

Twitter has updated its Direct Messaging service on iOS and Android and is now separating messages sent by people that users aren’t linked with.

The new feature will be activated if users have turned on the setting for receiving messages from people they don’t follow.

“Requests” works in a very similar fashion to Facebook’s message review section: tweets sent by random people will be filtered into a separate inbox within the message tab labelled “requests”.

Users will then be able to “accept” or “delete” messages, and the sender will not be able to see if the person has read their message unless it is accepted.

If someone accepts a message, the chat will move into their main Twitter inbox, and if they choose to delete a message it will be removed from the requests feed.

However, if a request message is deleted, the person who sent it will be able to send other notes to the user.

Media will also be hidden from users until they choose to accept the message.

To find out more about Twitter’s new feature please click here.