Twitter Testing New Button To Encourage Customers To Direct Message

Message Button
Twitter is testing a new, bigger message button for brands using the site, to encourage consumers to contact them via Direct Message.

The new button takes up the entire width of the screen, rather than sharing space with the “Tweet to” button, which is currently placed directly next to it.

And this new layout hopes to draw customer attention away from the “Tweet to” button on mobile and onto the new, larger “Message” button.

With many customers using Twitter as a way of interacting with businesses, brands often have to comment on tweets to encourage consumers to take the conversation to direct message, especially when it comes to complaints and queries.

And with the new message button, the platform hopes that customers will be deterred from publicly tweeting brands and businesses, and instead message them directly away from the public eye.

Although this feature has not been made public as of yet, Twitter is testing the feature with accounts such as @AppleSupport, @Uber_Support, @BeatsSupport, @ATVIAssist (Activision Support), among others.

As this is only a trial, it is uncertain as to when, or if, Twitter will launch the feature for all brands anytime soon.