Facebook Rolls Out New Ad Features To Improve App Engagement

New Ads Features

Facebook has introduced new advertising features designed to help improve user engagement in apps.

In today’s market, people are using mobiles devices more than ever, spending 90% of their mobile time on apps.

And according to Facebook, although 58% of mobile purchases in the US are made on apps, for most companies, after 30 days of installing, only 6% of consumers still use them.

So, in an effort to improve engagement, Facebook has launched a new product called App Event Optimisation.

Speaking about the feature, Facebook said: “To build healthy mobile app businesses, advertisers must connect with the people who are likely to take valuable and repeated actions within their apps.

“To help businesses to reach these people, we are launching a new product: App Event Optimisation.

“This helps businesses to maximise long-term app value — beyond the install — and they have seen great results so far.”

This new feature sees Facebook taking historical customer data and other behavioural information to determine whether a person is likely to act on an advert or not.

This method aims to help advertisers show their products to the people who are likely to take valuable actions within apps, rather than just downloading them and never using them.

It aims to benefit both advertisers and customers, as adverts are being shown to the people who are most likely to take action.

Facebook also recently introduced Dynamic Ads and Canvas to help optimise advertising on the site.

With Dynamic Ads, consumers are shown ads for apps that are tailored more towards their specific wants and needs, whereas Canvas aims to help app re-engagement by bringing people back onto the apps that they download.

This aims to increase the low 6% customer retention rate by giving users a sneak peak of what apps offer.

To find out more about Facebook’s new advertising features please click here.