Cingle Helps Singles Connect In Nearby Bars And Clubs


A new app called Cingle has been launched to make meeting singles offline easier.

With online dating, singles can often find taking the step from online to offline quite daunting.

Because of this, apps have started to encourage singles to turn chats into dates by helping them feel safer online, putting time limits on chats or even sending occasional prompts.

One app that is looking to keep dating in the real world is Cingle, a new service that brings people together in the nightclubs and bars in their area.

Cingle co-founder and CEO Juan Aristizabal said: “We focus on places (nightclubs), not distance!

“The nightclubs did the work for us already, doing the segmentation of the kind of people that go to their club by the type of music, location, ages, prices etc.

“This means people are more likely to like to each other, meaning less “swipe lefts” and more connections.”

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 12.24.27Cingle Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 12.24.58

The app works by showing singles what clubs are in their area, and how many Cingle users are in these nearby clubs.

Once the user has chosen a venue they can swipe through other attendees, and if they like what they see, they can send the person a virtual drink (similar to a “like”).

If the drink is accepted, the two can then start chatting on the app and arrange to meet.

Speaking about the benefit of the nightclub setting, Aristizabal said: “We are convinced that there there isn’t a better or easier place to approach someone you liked than a nightclub.

“The darkness of the night, loud music and a couple of drinks makes things much easier to break the ice.”

Cingle is now available for iOS and Android here.

Emma Woodley

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