London Startup VieLoco Brings Live Video Streaming Between Matches


A new London-based startup called VieLoco says it is one of the first dating apps to introduce live video streaming between matches.

Released in June this year, the social app – which directly translates to mean “crazy life” – sets itself apart from other dating platforms by allowing users to video call their matches and speak to them in real time.

The app works by allowing users to search for potential partners by location, shared interests and set preferences.

VieLoco’s co-founder Nora Lee Notzon explained the idea behind the app: “As a single American native in London, I realised that my unique background, passions and lifestyle choices were incredibly important when it came to finding a potential partner.

“I’m crazy about dancing, skiing, tennis, cooking, family and travel, and I found other apps lacked the key components I wanted to know about a man.

“To me, the other apps come across as soulless – and I could never find enough information to swipe right. The idea behind VieLoco was to mimic real life and understand how people really spend their time, as that defines what they value in life.”

VieLoco works by letting singles list their passions from the app’s list of hundreds of options, including artistic interests, favourite destinations, cultural pastimes, sporting preferences, social habits and languages spoken, before searching for others who have listed similar interests.

The mobile app also lets you pick a few “crazy passions”, to try and help people “highlight the passions they are truly crazy about in order to refine their search for the right match”.


Singles can browse through different profiles, and choose who they like by swiping up or down – a deviation from the now common left/right swiping system.

When a match happens, things start to get really interesting for users, as VieLoco claims to be one of the first dating apps to introduce live video streaming between users.

VieLoco explains: “Understanding someone as a moving, breathing person and not a static image paired with some text helps users to avoid those dating app horror stories we’ve all heard about, and also helps to ensure a safe environment from the word go.”

This is a space that is currently blowing up in Asia, with dating & social app Momo recently announcing its live video broadcasting business had tripled its revenue in Q2 of 2016.

VieLoco also allows users to send their matches virtual gifts, which will automatically open in the in-app chat area once they have been sent, however, recipients do have the option of turning down gifts.

The company is also planning on introducing real life gifts later this year, which will see VieLoco users being able to send real gifts to those they are trying to impress on the app.

VieLoco explains how this will work: “Real gifting will also be coming soon for those looking to treat matches with chocolates, candles, flowers, Champagne, whilst shared experiences such as Nobu Sushi Masterclass, Golfing days, Tuscan Wine Getaways, Spa & Pampering, or even, for the more daring and adventurous, Private Space Travel, are already available to purchase via the app.”

To find out more about VieLoco and to download it, please click here.