Virtual Dating Assistant Describes Role in Quartz Article

A longform article in Quartz has detailed the routine of a virtual dating assistant – a professional paid for their success on a client’s Tinder profile.

The subject of the article receives $1.75 for every phone number they can get – commission on top of a $12/hour base salary.

ViDA, the company which employs the assistant, offers both profile curation services and messaging services. Assistants who focus on the latter are known as “Closers”.

ViDA charges each client anywhere from $495 to $1,695/month. The company employs over 80 people.

The ViDA website reads:

“Let’s be honest. It SUCKS sending message after message to women who never write you back. What’s worse, if you’re getting any interest at all, it’s probably not from the girls you really want to meet.

“The actual dates themselves are never a problem for you… it usually goes great once you get them in person! But you’re highly selective. Your real issue is actually meeting the right women in the first place…”

The training period to be a Closer lasts several weeks. Trainees are taught how to flirt online from manuals written by the company’s founder, Scott Valdez.

They then run the profiles of busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who struggle to find the time to invest in online dating despite being interested in a relationship.

Quartz reports that “everything they do is legal according to US, Canadian, and UK law.”

Read the full piece here.