White Label Dating Breaks Own Conversion Rate Record

Over the May Day holiday weekend earlier this month, White Label Dating (WLD) broke its own records for same day conversion rates which boosted revenues for all operating partners.

Performance across the White Label Dating platforms have been steadily climbing over the past weeks and the platform saw its highest seven-day conversion rate last month. This was followed by a 23% increase in same-day conversion during May, compared to the corresponding period in April.

Data from the company shows that partners are taking advantage of the enhanced ROIs and are regularly growing their dating portfolios.

White Label Dating are continuing to offer 100% revenue share for all new and reactivated sites for the first 12 months, which is then followed by 80% for life. The promotion was seen to be an immediate success with over 100 new partners joining in the first three weeks.

New partners are also offered free hosting for landing pages, free SSL certificates and a rapid-growth tiered revenue share program.

White Label Dating has announced a new partnership with Isomob, a UK-based provider of online dating technology, a move that both parties hope will maximise their dating revenues.

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