Wingr – Get Friends Involved in the Dating Process

A ‘wingr’ is the gender neutral term for a wingman or a wingwoman, and it inspires a dating app of the same name. Wingr is a platform for singles to meet and chat, with a user’s friends able to play matchmaker. 

The app allows for two kinds of profiles to be created: the single looking to date and the wingr who can recommend potential matches to their love-seeking friend.

In a recent interview on The Isiah Factor: Uncensored, Wingr’s founders Jay Cooper and Howard Edwards were asked how this process worked. In particular, they were asked whether a keen wingr can make a move on a single friend’s match.

The founders explained that wingers are not able to talk to singles, with a clear barrier between them. Instead they can only recommend and vet profiles for single friends. 

They also explain that when two singles match, it’s not clear who brought this couple together, providing privacy and anonymity to wingrs.

The platform also has a unique “Set the Mood” feature, where users can non-verbally let their match know the vibe they’re currently feeling. For example, a flirty message can be accompanied with the mood ‘Feeling 😈’.

This tool is said to reduce miscommunication and get across feelings that might be lost when sending messages online.