Zoosk’s Director Of Marketing Details Two Marketing Tips That Have Made An Impact This Year

Zoosk’s Director of Marketing recently gave her thoughts on the world of mobile marketing and how the dating company navigates it.

Katherine Knight has been at Zoosk for four years, prior to which she was a senior consultant at a leading global consulting firm.

She speaks about two “critical elements” that have helped to make an impact for Zoosk this year – developing new video ad creative and setting up server-side calls to pass back critical events captured in its database.

As she says about the latter: “Zoosk customers can access the product on multiple platforms – iOS, Android, mobile web, and web. In-app events just didn’t cut it for us.

“The ability to pass back important events no matter what platform the event occurs on not only makes our data more accurate, but also allows us to take advantage of new machine learning technologies and set multiple target CPAs that more effectively optimize further down the funnel.”

Check out the full Mobile Hearoes Conversation here.