An Insight Into Winter Dating from Lovestruck


An Insight Into Winter Dating from Lovestruck

Whether you’re male or female, finding a date in winter is not the easiest of tasks. It would seem that people are less likely to throw themselves into the pool of love during the cold and dark months and increasingly likely to stay indoors with what they know and what they love. There are many reasons as to why this occurs during winter, but not all are privy to such secrets — so for those of you who aren’t aware of the reasons behind the shortage of romance during winter, here’s a rundown from the professionals.

The Dating Trend — Winter

When we interviewed the members of our dating website, we found that up to 16% of women would rather snuggle up on the sofa and watch television than take part in any other activity. 11% of these women blamed the fact that winter shows such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing aired during the winter months and that they would rather watch the show live than at a later date through catch-up.

We’ve also found that lethargy and laziness brought on by the darker evenings, cold weather and general tiredness can have a significant effect on the amount of men and women that are willing to make the effort when going on a date. 23% of our male audience and 28% of our female audience confessed that they felt less inventive when it came to selecting date venues during the winter months and if possible they would select a venue or location that they knew well and did not have to travel far to get to.

However we have also discovered that the majority of our men and women are still willing to maintain contact with potential love interests during the winter months. There was only a 9% drop in the amount of online activity that our dating site saw within the winter months which means that although our men and women may be less willing to put in the physical effort of stepping outside their homes, they have no problem with freely flirting online.

So there you have it! Don’t worry if your date gives you the cold shoulder this winter; it’s probably down to the fact that they just don’t fancy braving the cold. If you’re a determined individual and you still want to try your luck at a date, why not offer to spend the night in with a glass of red and a movie? If this strategy does not work you may have to come to terms with the fact that they just aren’t that into you.

By Matt Hughes from Lovestruck.

Matt Hughes is an important member of the team at Lovestruck, a website dedicated to dating events and bringing people together online.