How Tapping Into Online Dating Saved Me 4 Hours A Day


This a guest blog by dating coach Sebastian Harris.

This article is dedicated to my personal experience with online dating.

But don’t worry. This won’t be one of these “10 online dating tips” articles that everyone else puts together. I want to do something entirely different. Yes, I am going to talk about online dating, but not in the way that most people would expect.

The goal of this article is to educate both producers of online dating services and their customers. In fact, I speak to you as a producer and a customer.

Thanks to my job as a writer and dating coach, and thanks to the dozens of emails I get every day from people who want to improve their dating life, I know what people expect from dating products and services. However, I also know from my own expeditions into the online dating world how difficult it can be to find the right service.

That’s why I decided to combine my producer and consumer experience in order to answer three fundamental questions in this article:

1. Why do some people still refuse to date online?

2. What does effective online dating mean for customers?

3. What’s the future of online dating?

Once you find the answers to these three questions, attracting the right customers will become easier than ever before.

Why I Refused to Take the Next Step 

I love talking to women in the real world. There is nothing more exciting than walking up to a woman, approaching her and getting her number. I thought that this was how people should meet, at least until I tapped into online dating.

I was the last person in my social circle that got on Tinder, despite me being the only dating coach (embarrassing, I know). When one of my colleagues told me that he met his girlfriend on an international dating site, I thought he was joking.

But why did I refuse to take this step for such a long time?

Well, for the same reason as many other guys refuse to date online, at least when I can believe the emails they send me. The uncomfortable truth is that a lot of men are used to online dating sites that look like complete scams.

When we men see pictures of half-naked girls who are obviously stolen from adult sites with the slogan “meet horny neighbors right now”, our scam alert goes on. Always remember the scam alert when you design an online dating platform.

How My Schedule Thanked Me 

What happened when I eventually decided to give online dating a shot? I can tell you what happened. It saved me a whole bunch of time. It shouldn’t come to a surprise that sending ten messages to ten women requires less time than searching for ten approachable women in the city.

My schedule thanked me for overcoming my concerns with four hours of daily free time. I was amazed by just how easy it can be to meet interesting women from all over the world. To be honest, I met my beautiful Thai girlfriend on an online dating site.

She is the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and I love her to death. Without online dating we would have never met. That’s exactly why online dating is so powerful. It gives people who would have otherwise never met the chance to meet each other.

The Future of Online Dating

What’s the future of online dating? It’s what the customers want and what the producers are willing to invest in order to satisfy their customer’s desires. Of course I am not a prophet, but I hope you allow me to give my two cents.

I truly believe that the future of online dating is determined by two factors:

1. Internationalization

2. Niche Thinking

I believe that the future of online dating lies in specialized niche sites that know no national borders.

A dating site that is specialized on educated college students in Bangkok would have made it even easier for me and my girlfriend to find each other.

We will see what the future brings.

By Sebastian Harris

Sebastian Harris is an aspiring dating coach who calls the world his home. He is passionate about international dating and teaching guys to meet and attract beautiful women all over the world.