Protect Daters and Build Brand Trust With the Right User Safety Approach

The trust factor. A defining character trait for daters – not only when it comes to finding the right match, but also when choosing which platform they wish to use. Here at RealMe, we are advocates of user safety in what we know is an ever-expanding world of dating apps and services. But we also know that the efforts that dating brands take to protect their users from the dark side of online dating are vital to a credible and trustworthy reputation. 

With so much competition, taking a course of action to safeguard users is the right and obvious thing to do. It is essential for establishing trust amongst users to build your brand the right way with authenticity and compassion, and ultimately play your part for safety in a society where 30% of US adults alone have used a dating app. 

Today, online dating is a normal way to meet a potential love interest these days, and users are expecting not to be interacting with bots and fake users – or any type of scandal, fraud, or deception for that matter. That said, sixty-one percent of Gen Z and 52% of Millennials have been tricked by an online profile, that’s according to our recent research study conducted in partnership with FTI Consulting.   

Daters are looking to reputable brands to put controls in place to identify and eliminate poor or dangerous activity from their platform – building trust amongst users as they do so. The competition for users in the marketplace grows daily, and users can close accounts on platforms that break their trust just as quickly as they set them up. 

The time to build confidence, create a safe brand, and protect users is now and there are some sure-fire ways to clamp down on security and put trust at the top of the agenda.

Step one: verification 

When users join a platform, they want to be sure that they are talking to genuine people. Therefore, implementing a modernized user registration process that verifies a new account using a phone number, reduces the risk of introducing other members to someone with malicious intentions. 

Matching profiles with phone numbers can help eliminate account bots and have the data to understand user behavior by scanning the registered phone number. This helps dating companies to identify patterns in likely fraudulent accounts by noting their carrier information and location. 

By verifying phone numbers within the first stages of registration, brands can reduce the number of fake accounts and bots joining the service all at once – without blocking legitimate users. Phone numbers are also harder to obtain than email addresses, making it easier for dating providers to validate new users.

However, that’s not to say that fake users won’t slip through the net. Dating brands need to have strong fraud prevention methods that can not only block at the sign-up stage but also track them later down the line. 

Bring tech into the mix

Respect, honesty, and security are all qualities that we look for in our offline connections – and technology can be used to make these a reality online. The dating sphere is full of unique platforms and creative features, promising a new niche or way to help people to find their perfect match. 

However, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to protect users. A simple first step can be as simple as technology integration. 

RealMe works closely with dating brands to match their ingenious platforms with the technology that can work discreetly behind the scenes to keep their users safe. We provide brands and users with trustworthy identity scans and instant access to more than 275 million verified Reputation Profiles. Check™ by RealMe is the first online security solution to include an individual Reputation Score for each personal profile shared. 

These scores are regularly calibrated based on a person’s unique background information, criminal and arrest records, financial records, legal records, and more, and offer dating app users fast and straightforward reputation insights and validation like never before. Not only does this give daters much-needed peace of mind, but it also supports brands in building a robust, intuitive, and ethical approach to user verification for the long term. 

Care for your customers

With criminals constantly trying to steal personal data from vulnerable users, there’s always a small chance that they will fly under the radar and utilize their shady tactics on genuine users. When this happens, many members will turn to the brand to report or seek action for a hurtful experience they have encountered. This is where a brand’s response to customer care can make a crucial difference. 

Failure to help your members can result in a bad reputation and can even destroy a company’s bottom line. Treat users with the same level of honesty that you expect from them and match this with safety measures from the industry’s most reputable partners. 

With many creators battling to build the next best dating app, brands should utilize messaging services to communicate with their users. Stay involved in the entire lifecycle of a user’s experience. Make sure you are available and present for all service inquiries and app queries to show your loyalty to your customers even as you grow. 

Dealing with users daily can also be quicker and more efficient than automated messaging services and will give users comfort than they are talking to a human on the other side of the screen. Once you’ve built your user security strategy, be transparent about the tools and processes you have in place to make their search for love a safe one. 

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