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New ‘Moments’ App Helps Manage Personal And Professional Social Life

Moments is a new app that aims to be your Personal Relationship Manager. Social networks can give a facade that you are keeping up with friends and contacts, the app creator claims. Moments aim is to make sure you actually are checking in and having meaningful connections with your friends, family, and even professional relationships. 

Moments is currently available on the app store, and sure to come to google play soon. It’s the brainchild of developer Robert Keus, and iterates on a previous app of his. Scheduled is an app that lets you schedule in texts to send at a later date. You could schedule a birthday message for example. Moments just take that idea to the nth degree. You can put as many contacts as you would like in the app, organise them into groups, give them different levels of priority, and the app will help you keep track of when you last checked in on them or communicated. 

Push notifications will be sent to your phone when it’s time to check in again, depending on the level of importance you assigned to the contact. The other key idea of the app is to also use AI to help you improve what you send to keep in touch. It will help draft your message or offer little courses on how to improve your messages and interactions.

The app runs a freemium model that lets you have 20 contacts and access to its courses. It’s then $3,99 a month for access to more contacts, and discounted prices available for longer term subscriptions. 

The trend continues in the world of apps, away from tools that help you reach out and communicate with the whole world, towards apps that help you make or maintain smaller circles of meaningful connections. Apps like Moments, are endeavouring to help ensure the relationships you do have, are maintained and beneficial to both you and your connections.

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