Online Dating In Reverse With Flirtsee Cards


Flirtsee is a new dating service that helps singles start their dating attempts in the real world and then proceed online.

Members get cards which contain a unique ID code that they slip to potential dates.

The recipient of a card then enters the code on Flirtsee to uncover the profile of their admirer and chat with them.

Flirtsee founder Mark Vu-Minh, said: “From sending a Flirtsee across with a drink, to sliding it onto a fellow café-dweller’s Kindle as you leave – your love life is quite literally in your hands.

“Flirtsee puts the power to choose in the hands of your recipient, but takes away the possibility of getting turned down. It also helps you to get to know that alluring stranger a little better before setting up a first date.”

Vu-Minh claims his site gives users the opportunity to connect with all those “what-ifs” – from a beautiful commuter on the tube to a handsome stranger in the street.

The idea is very similar to New York-based company Cheek’d, which launched in 2010.

Five cards cost £9.99 and grant you a month of access, while a 6-month membership and 30 cards will set you back £24.99.

It’s free to log on for card recipients and they can only view a profile using the code written on the card they received.

Vu-Minh said: “Just think how many people you pass every day who could be just the right match for you.

“Likewise are you missing out on Mr or Miss Right because you’re too afraid to speak to the attractive person you meet every day at the bus stop or on the tube?”

It does beg the question why one doesn’t write down their contact details and hand that over, but perhaps people are more likely to give out pre-made cards.

As for the recipient, while receiving a dating card might seem rather odd, curiosity would probably make most take a look at the profile.

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