FROM THE WEB: Dating for the Wealthy – CNBC and The Telegraph articles


Articles on CNBC and The Telegraph look at two different dating services for the wealthy.

CNBC’s article is on Berkelely International, a matchmaking service who count “high-profile CEOs, tech billionaires and various other “very high profile” individuals” among their users.

Membership costs between £10,000 and £60,000 per year, and their user base has grown by around 40% over the past 12 months.

CNBC spoke to the site’s founder, Mairead Molloy, who said:

“My clients want to meet someone with a certain wealth, from a certain family, who is well-educated — but they were struggling to find them. You don’t find these sorts of people in your average bar.”

The company works like a personal matchmaking concierge service:

“We interview every single client — we’ll travel to meet wherever they are in the world. There’s no profiles or photographs — we connect the people ourselves; it’s very personal.”

Watch the interview below:

The Telegraph look at another site aimed towards the wealthy – Danish brand Secret Diamond Club, which is launching in the UK soon.

It is another controversial, media-baiting site, which was vilified in its native Denmark. 

Women are asked to provide three photos – face, full body, and another of their choice – and are only admitted if they are deemed beautiful enough.

Once accepted, wealthy men then pay to be matched up with these women.

Subscriptions for male users range from £6,000 for a local membership to £60,000 for global one.

Female users pay depending on how beautiful they are – the least attractive paying the most, which is up to £30 a year.

Speaking to The Telegraph, founder Gus Terkelsen said: “Some people don’t like getting the truth told too obviously. 

“Women will always look for wealthy partners, and the most attractive will get them. 

“It comes from the Stone Age and survival of the fittest, where if women were not able to mate with successful men they would not have children and they would die.”

Read the story here.