FROM THE WEB: FT Interview In OkCupid’s Christian Rudder Brooklyn Home


Christian Rudder, co-founder and President of OkCupid, was featured in the Financial Times’ weekend interview series, At Home.

The 39-year-old Rudder lives in a four-story Brooklyn house with his wife Reshma, three-year-old daughter Plum and bulldog Allie.

The interview gives insight into the history of his home, family and life outside of work – including his indie band Bishop Allen – while also drawing on the story behind OkCupid and his plans for the future.

Rudder also speaks about Facebook’s instrumental role in removing the stigma of online dating in the early days of OkCupid, saying: “Facebook made it normal to keep up with everyone you know online. it’s just a short step from there to meeting people you don’t know.”

Have a look inside Rudder’s home, and read the interview here.