Interview With Happn, The French App That Registers Your Real Life Encounters


How did Happn come about, and how did the team get together?

Happn’s founders, along with the team that made it all happen, created the app as the answer to a universal desire: how can we find that handsome stranger again, the one we didn’t dare to approach? The app gives us a second chance, the chance to discover and find that person that has caught your eye, and to avoid all missed connections.

What makes Happn unique in the online dating space?

Happn is unique in the online dating space because it is the only app that will register all your real-life encounters. We believe everything starts in real life: real life is how you are meant to meet people. Therefore it will show you the profiles of people you have actually crossed paths with: people who have been at the same place, at the same time as you. It is the only app that is 100% mobile, using hyper location in real-time.

Why would someone choose Happn over other location-based apps?

Happn registers your real-life encounters even when you’re not actively on the app, creating a timeline of all the people you’ve crossed paths with. It keeps these encounters memorised and allows you to find those missed connections again. Unlike other location-based apps, you don’t need to go and search for someone “out there”: happn picks up the chance encounters in your everyday life. What’s more, we offer two options: the Like, which is secret unless it’s mutual, and the Charm, which sends the other person a notification that you are interested.

How many downloads and active users have you had so far?

After only a few months of activity, happn has about 350,000 members, with 100,000 daily active users, as of August 2014.

Do you feel that the UK public embraced Happn? How has the launch and reception to the app been?

The reception of the app in the UK has been highly positive: both the public and the press have been very enthusiastic about our service.

What security measures have you put in place to keep people’s privacy safe?

Security was one of our biggest concerns since the beginning. Everything has been designed to ensure everyone’s safety and the respect of privacy. It is impossible to find another user’s location, as only the crossing points are shown. We never indicate that someone is less than 250 meters away, even if they are just next to you. The map of where you crossed paths is static and very imprecise on purpose: it shows a whole area and there is no way of knowing where the other person is now. It is possible to block someone or to report any offensive content at any given time.

Are you planning to launch in other countries?


Do you have a monetisation strategy?

Credits for the extra-option (the Charm) can be purchased directly in the app.

What are your plans for the future of Happn? Are you introducing any new features?

Happn is still very young and new features will be developed in the future! 

​Visit Happn here.

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