Audio: Peter Sloterdyk on Pronouns, Egypt and INTO Magazine

Late 2017 saw a number of high profile changes at Grindr. The dating app introduced new gender pronouns (many of which applied to women) in November, and it continued to draw attention to its digital lifestyle magazine INTO (which will now host podcasts).

In a recent announcement, the app stated that users in countries hostile to homosexuality will be able to change the Grindr icon on their devices. The move came amid a clampdown on ‘abnormal’ sexual relations in Egypt.

To find out more about the updates, GDI spoke to then-Vice President of Marketing Peter Sloterdyk in February. Peter now works with Netflix.

The VP of Marketing  “oversees the multi-tiered operation responsible for user acquisition, digital and traditional marketing, brand health management, social media, CRM, analytics, customer operations, and content development & distribution” at Grindr. During his time with the company, Peter was also responsible for the development and launch of INTO magazine.

Find audio clips from the interview here:

Q1 – What can you tell us about INTO Magazine?

Q2 – What are some of the challenges you face as an LGBTQ brand in countries like Egypt?

Q3 – You’ve introduced some new gender identity options. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Q4 – Do you see it becoming easier or more difficult to run a gay dating app around the world?

Find the transcript, including answers to additional questions, here.

Scott Harvey

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