The End is Nigh For Cookies, and Larger Dating Companies Will Benefit

Since 1994 Internet dating companies have been able to cookie users and more recently very effectively chase them around the web.  But the Cookie Apocalypse us upon us.  Google announced they are phasing out the use of ‘invasive net trackers,’ according to an article in Financial Times today.  After 25 years of use, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla have already banned them, and Google is laying the cookie to rest. 

Of course, who is going to benefit from this the most?  Google, Facebook and Amazon have already amassed a treasure trove of personalized data.  They are effectively, ‘sitting pretty.’  Also, larger dating apps will become more entrenched as a consequence of this ban.  Smaller apps and startups will be mired for a diminished ability to gather data and track, and a reduced ability to personalize their ad approaches and treatments. 

Google will phase out cookies over the next two years.  They, and others, are working on what might become the successor of the {beloved/maligned} cookie.

Mark Brooks,, CEO-Courtland Brooks