FROM THE WEB: Long Telegraph Feature On History of and Online Dating, online dating and the history of both, are the subjects of a new feature in The Telegraph.

Framed around an interview with’s European Director, Karl “The King of Love” Gregory, journalist Sarah Rainey recounts how online dating and have grown since the fledgling days of the internet.

Rainey also speaks to Eric Klien, who in 1992 created his Electronic Matchmaker – made up of a 170-point questionnaire, designed to collect relevant information about love-seeking singles.

Klien sold this program and the domain to Gary Kremen, the founder of, for $2,500. Rainey says Klien has never spoken about his Matchmaker before.

She also speaks to some of the early adopters of online dating, who found love back when the practise was still very stigmatised.

Read the piece here.