FROM THE WEB: ‘Two Concepts That Blend Online Dating With Real World Interaction’ – Wired


Wired has published an article about two dating concepts that aim to bridge the gap between online and traditional dating.

San Francisco design studio LUNAR asked two of their interns to help people connect online and offline.

JJ Mendoza, an industrial designer at LUNAR, said: “We basically asked them, how do you make the dating experience easier?

“It was really about looking into whether or not apps can actually materialize into something physical and whether or not it actually adds a better dimension to the overall experience.”

Intern Marie Noury came up with Wizz, a pendant that contains a person’s digital information and buzzes when a person with similar interests approaches.

Wizz is supposed to imitate the “real-life” butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, something that Noury feels was once “a youthful innocence, has become a kind of calculating exercise”.

On the other hand, intern Toby Stopper’s idea is Connect wearable, a bracelet that lights up to let other people know that you are single and looking for a relationship.

It contains charms that state your interests, facilitating the conversation.

Stopper said: “It provides a way to visually communicate to the guy or girl across the coffee shop, ‘Hey — I think you’re cute! You should come talk to me!’ as well as sets up the initial talking points to facilitate an easy conversation”.

As Wired says, these are just concepts, but contain ideas which one could certainly imagine being utilised for dating apps.

Read the article here.